Job Opportunities

Why being an Independent Contract Driver for Dallas Courier is a great opportunity?
Make over $600 per week
Our drivers make on average $670 per week and with more experience can make $800 or more per week.

Lower your taxes
Because of the IRS rules for Independent Contractors you can deduct more. So, instead of paying higher taxes you get to keep more of your weekly pay! Now who wouldn’t like that?

More money in your pocket…but…
So you’re probably thinking, won’t I spend all my money on gas and maintenance on my car.
Good question! A lot of our drivers have asked the same question and here’s a breakdown of the answer:
If you have a typical car like a Honda Civic, it would get about 30 miles per gallon. At today’s price of gasoline around $3.30 that is about 10 cents per mile.
A Civic will last at least 200,000 miles without major expenses, so at $20,000 for the purchase price, it is also around 10 cents a mile in wear and tear.
You should change oil once every 3,000 miles at $29.95 or about one cent per mile.
Insurance is around $20 per week.
So if you are making $670 per week driving 1000 miles per week your out of pocket for gas, oil and insurance, plus wear and tear on your vehicle, your weekly expense are:
(10 cents (gas) + 10 cents (wear and tear) + 1 cent (oil)) * 1000 miles $210 plus $20 for insurance, or about $230. This will leave you with $440 per week you can put in your pocket, about $11.00 per hour.
Because of the IRS allowing $0.50 per mile deductions, your taxable income will be about $190…saving you at least $120 per week in taxes.

Stable job.
Eagle Express has been in business for almost 33 years – one of the oldest, most trusted couriers in DFW! We are here to stay and some of our drivers have been with us for over 20 years.

More income than other couriers
Because of our size you will make more money. The reason is simple – more deliveries! We do over 72,000 deliveries a year which means steady,
high income for you. This is because you can sometimes drive multiple deliveries at once – taking advantage of the close proximity of Eagle’s customer base and high volume.
So, instead of driving one delivery at a time with a small courier you have more opportunity for more deliveries at Eagle.
Small or Large? The answer is quite simple when you think about it.

More time for yourself
Driving is a unique job because you have time for yourself and your own thoughts. Unlike an office environment there are no politics, bosses, opposing opinions or annoying employees to deal with.
You can sit back, listen to your favorites music, news, weather and sports or to the latest books on your iPod!  

Join the team
If you like the above benefits and have a good sense of direction, give us a call. We would love to have you working with us on our team.
Send your resume to or call us at 817-269-1399.